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Is to do His will, to know Him, to be pleasing in His sight, to bring all things into subjection to Him, to provide a way of escape, to be a lamp shining in the wilderness.

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Amalek and Esther

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I recently read an article that stated that the references to Amalek are always one of remembrance, rather than a call to violence or genocide by Israel. See: But why is it necessary to remember Amalek? Because the spirit of Amalek which wishes to destroy the Jews rises up in every generation. This is seen in the story of Esther, where a grandson of Amalek, Haman, is the villain. Haman so hated the Jews that he prevailed on the King to issue an edict permitting the people to destroy all of the Jews in the kingdom. Unfortunately for Haman, Esther, who was a Jew, was also the Queen, and was able to plead with the King to spare her life and the life of her people. Haman ended up hung on the gallows that he prepared for her Uncle Mordechai. Unfortunately, the remaining problem was that an edict of the king could not simply be revoked, which meant that even after Haman was hung, others could still kill the Jews.  What to do? The King gave Mordechai and Esther the right to issue another edict to be sent throughout his kingdom. They could have issued any edict they wished. However, they did not wish to destroy everyone. Therefore, a new edict drafted by Mordechai and Esther simply gave the Jews the right to assemble and defend their lives, and to destroy all forces raised against them. This the Jews were able to do, and quite successfully. Their enemies were  slaughtered [...]

More About Amalek

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When the Israelites left Egypt, they only knew how to be slaves. They did not know how to be an army or to fight; in fact, God did not take them on the shortest route to their final destination through the land of the Philistines, as He chose not to give them an opportunity, upon seeing war, to change their minds and run back to Egypt. [Exodus 13:17] For the first couple of days after their liberation, God had the Israelites wander from place to place as though they were lost. When Pharaoh heard this, he, with his horsemen, his officers, and all the chariots in Egypt, went after them. "The Israelites looked up; there were the Egyptians thundering after them.  They were terrified and cried to the Lord for help."  [Exodus 13:10-11] Why, Moses, did you bring us here? Would it not have been better to stay in Egypt? they asked. Moses told them not to fear, to stand firm and see the Lord's deliverance. And when God moves, He does so both to show the Egyptians that He alone is God, and at the same time, to convince the Israelites that He would fight for them. "And when the Israelites saw the Egyptians dead on the seashore, and witnessed the wondrous power the Lord had unleashed against the Egyptians, the people were in awe of the Lord, and they believed in Him and in Moshe His servant." [Exodus 14:30-31] Without this assurance, it is unclear how long the Israelites [...]





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