The Holocaust/ the Shoah

We Shall Bear Witness – Part II

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In 2019 we visited Poland.  In part 1 of this discussion, we provided some background, and discussed the devastation of the synagogues, the cities and the ghettoization of Poland.  The next part is how and why did the Germans kill six million Jews?  How could people simply let themselves be transported to an unknown future? And what happened to these people when they were transported out of their cities and towns?

We Shall Bear Witness – Part 1

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In 2019, my husband Mike and I participated in a tour through Poland.  I was driven to go; I did not know if there would be another similar opportunity, and although I had read many books about the holocaust - the Shoah - I felt it would be important to actually see what I could for myself.  It was pretty devastating. We came away with the determination that this could never happen again. However, less than 5 years later, on October 7, 2023 Israel experienced an unexpected and tragic attack which was worse than anything that has occurred to the Jewish community since World War II and which has been followed, to our dismay, by an outbreak of antisemitism throughout much of the world including the United States. It has therefore become evident to us that we cannot be silent, and we must bear witness. This is my first attempt.

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