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Be Holy For I Am Holy

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Kedoshim (קדשים) – Leviticus 19 -24 – is one of my favorite parashas of the Torah. It starts with the Lord directing Moshe to tell the people of Israel, “Be holy, for I am holy, I the Lord your God.” This is a fascinating idea – that we, as foolish and inept as we often feel, can and indeed are directed to be holy. The parasha then proceeds to summarize the rules that will allow us to be holy. We will look at just a few of these in this blog.

What Are the Jews to Do? – More Thoughts on Esther

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We have previously briefly discussed Esther and the attempt of Haman to destroy the Jews. After the king granted Esther's request to spare her life and ordered Haman to be hanged on the gallows which he had prepared for Mordechai, Esther and Mordechai were allowed by the king to write whatever they wished about the Jews in the king's name and seal it with the king's ring, to counteract the decree that Haman had previously issued allowing the Jews to be destroyed. So what was this new decree that Mordechai and Esther drafted? Let's break it down.

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