I am absolutely appalled that someone would steal a draft of a US Supreme Court opinion and publicize it before it is finalized. This is wrong, and whomever did it should be fired, never work as a lawyer again, and in my opinion, should spend time in prison.

Having said that, I want to point out that there is one really easy way to avoid having to make a decision whether or not to abort: Don’t have unprotected sex. This is not rocket science, people. Now you can raise the issue of special issues, will deal with that below.

Next, assuming the draft opinion, as it is finalized is similar to the stolen draft, it does NOT prohibit abortion. It simply says that the Supreme Court is the wrong entity to decide whether or not abortion is to be permitted. This means that the matter is put before the legislatures of each state. If a majority in that state wish to see abortion permitted, then I expect that that state will allow it to some degree or another. What should the law provide?

The majority of people in America do NOT approve of abortion on demand, especially through the third trimester. In spite of this, many states are proposing just this; in fact, two states have proposed laws allowing babies born alive to be killed up to a month after birth. In my opinion, this is sick.

Okay, what about situations such as rape, the health of the mother, the possibility that the child may be handicapped? First of all, in all these situations, there needs to be a recognition that there are two lives involved. Any decision to abort will need to take into account that their baby will be killed.

With rape, I feel for the woman. As someone who has been raped, I cannot say that she should be forced to carry the child, but it should be her decision, and if the decision is to abort should be made as early as possible. However, she should be given as much support as possible regardless of her decision. There are many people who are unable to have a child who would be happy to adopt the child if she decided she did not want to keep him or her.

What about if the mother’s life is in danger? Well that is again a decision that needs to be made by the mom and dad in consultation with their health care provider. I cannot say that one life is more precious than the other and would hope the law would recognize these issues.

Now as to the third decision, and as a grandmother of a down syndrome child, I am absolutely appalled at the pressure that was put on his mom to abort him. Over and over again. The medical profession needs to seriously take a step back from insisting on aborting a child who may not be “perfect” because each of these children bring something special into the world.

One other fact that many people do not know is that most planned parenthood clinics are located in or near black communities. Black children are aborted at higher numbers than white children. The person who started planned parenthood did this deliberately. Is this okay?

Okay, now for my pet peeve: Why does anyone think that violence is appropriate as a result of a court decision, especially one that has not even been finalized? Burn down the court? Burn down DC? Again, my opinion is that anyone who engages in violence should be arrested and tried, and if convicted put in jail.

Don’t know if anyone will read this, but if you have gotten this far, thanks. Hope it makes you think.