Plato, when discussing government came to the conclusion that a republic would never be the best form, but it would also never be the worst.  What is the best?  A dictatorship, but a benevolent dictatorship, where the dictator cares about and looks after the people. What is the worst?  A dictatorship, where the dictator is interested only in his or her wants and desires and does not care about the people.  However with a republic, you will never get the best, since there will always be some who are not looking out for what is best for the people, but it will never be the worst, since there will always be some who do care about what is best.

I am extremely disappointed with our current government, since it seems to have moved more and more into a dictatorship form, where whomever is in power is looking out only for their interests, and are doing whatever they can to destroy the power of those who are looking out for the people.

But as long as we have the right to vote and petition our government, here are some of the things I demand to see (I am sure there are more, but here are a few of them):

  1. Ballots.  Written ballots, where everyone who votes must show that they are citizens entitled to vote — the easiest way would be with a government issued ID.  But note: some states are now automatically registering people to vote when they get their drivers license — but are also allowing noncitizens to obtain these licenses.
  2. Control the Border.  I am absolutely not against immigration – after all, most of us are here either because we or our parents or grandparents or other more distant relatives immigrated here. But immigration must be controlled — and should not include those who wish to destroy our country, or are just coming for a free handout. Obviously if someone is looking for refuge and are legitimately being persecuted, they should also be let in.  The border must not be controlled by cartels that charge enormous amounts of money to bring people in, and, BTW, are also bringing in drugs and women and children as sex slaves.  And there needs to be a way to keep track of those we allow in.
  3. Before we house and feed the millions of people we are letting into the country, and especially before we let any more in, we need to make sure we are taking care of our own, including our veterans and old folks. I find it absolutely astounding that a veteran would be made homeless in order to convert his residence into another place for undocumented aliens.
  4. DO NOT LIE TO US.  Tell us the truth.  We can deal with the truth.  AND FIRE ANYONE WHO TRIES TO LIMIT OUR ABILITY TO KNOW. Do NOT dictate to the press what they can publish or not.  Allow doctors and other professionals to speak. Free Speech is guaranteed by the Constitution.  Remember that document?
  5. Stop supporting the United Nations.  Even better, let them relocate someplace else.  Many if not most do not like us and vote against our best interests.
  6. The health and welfare of the citizens is something that is the province of the states.  It should not even be controlled by the federal government, but it should certainly NEVER be controlled by an international entity. NEVER. You don’t have the right.
  7. Covid: No closing down the mom and pop stores while allowing the big monolithic stores to remain open. No more vast experiments on people without adequate testing and without providing them with adequate information to give informed consent. We have a right to know what is in each vaccine, and have a right to accept or reject it.
  8. Covid: Tell the truth about the number of people who have been killed or maimed by the MRNA vaccine, and explain why we have so many people, especially those under 45 who have never had these issues, dropping dead of heart attacks, strokes, etc. after taking the “jab”.  And after you have allowed the truth to be told, unless it can clearly be shown that there is some medical benefit, outlaw the MRNA vaccines totally.
  9. Covid: Along with that, give incentives to hospitals to CURE people, rather than paying them a bonus if their patients die.
  10. All expenditures of money should be specifically authorized by Congress – not in huge bloated bills that leave the actual determination of how the money will be spent up to the various administrative agencies.
  11. And by the way, most if not all of these administrative agencies are either far too large or are not needed at all (for example, when I was growing up there was no federal Department of Education, and we did just fine). And if you are going to keep some of them, remove the extraneous bureaucracy, and do not let them have their own judicial branch (which most of them have – they settle their own disputes, normally to their benefit, rather than to the benefit of the taxpayer).  Remember that there are 3 branches of government?  Let me remind you:  legislative (that is congress – they make the laws and allocate funds), executive (that would be the president and the administrative agencies under him – they are to enforce the laws that Congress passes and spend the money, again the way Congress has allotted it – not to make up their own law, enforce it, and then internally try those that they have accused of breaking these laws), and judicial (the Court system).
  12. Do NOT spend money we do not have.  Make a REAL plan to balance the budget. See #11.
  13. Reform the intelligence community or get rid of it.  All of it.  Concerned parents, Catholics and other Christians, etc. are not the problem. Our intelligence community either blew it big time, or they knew and allowed Hamas to attack Israel and torture, kill, maim and kidnap innocent civilians including Americans. If they blew it that badly, it is obvious that they are not doing their job.  And if they knew and allowed it, they should NEVER be allowed to work for the government again, in any position.
  14. STOP ALL FUNDING OF HAMAS, IRAN, the PLO, HEZBOLLAH, and all other terrorist organizations.  Along with that, take whatever action is necessary to eliminate the possibility of Iran having an atomic weapon.  Don’t leave it up to Israel to have to take care of a problem we created.
  15. REMEMBER:  Israel is a separate nation.  It is NOT under the control of the United States.  It has an absolute right to defend itself.  If it decides that it will no longer provide anything to Gaza it HAS THAT RIGHT.  It does NOT answer to the President of the US or to Congress, or to protestors. STOP applying pressure on Israel to give HAMAS help.  Does anyone think that HAMAS is not going to take whatever is sent in FOR THEMSELVES?  They do not care about the Gazan people. If they did, they would not shoot rockets from the middle of civilian areas.
  16. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ALLOW THE PEOPLE FROM GAZA INTO THE UNITED STATES.  There are 22 Arab nations that should stand up.  NOT ONE OF THEM, including Egypt, want to let them in.  Why?  Either because they do not want to import Hamas into their countries, or because they are willing to see them sacrificed to get rid of Israel.
  17. Stop using your power and authority to benefit yourselves and your friends.  You are paid a salary and benefits (more than most of your constituents). Most Congressmen and Senators are not hugely rich when they go into Congress, but come out as millionaires or billionaires.  Please explain how this happens.  Looks to me like these people are using their power and prestige to get rich, rather than helping the people they were elected to represent.
  18. Ukraine is not our problem.  From what I have read, there would have been peace if we had not intervened. So let’s stop supporting the war. BTW, some of the equipment we provided to them appears to have been used AGAINST THE ISRAELIS. If you insist on continuing to be involved in that war, then make sure that there is an accounting for everything sent over there.
  19. God will bless those who bless Israel. He will curse those who curse Israel. We can either stand with Israel and with the Jews and find ourselves blessed, or we can join the chorus that is against Israel and the Jews and find ourselves cursed.  It is my demand and my prayer that the United States stand with Israel, not in word only, but in deed.  That includes removing from office those who are against Israel.
  20. For example, the person who is currently in line to be our ambassador to Israel has supported Iran, has lied to Congress about supporting Iran, and is obviously not a friend of Israel. This person (Jack Lew) should not be in a government position at all, and certainly not in a position that represents the United States in Israel.
  21. Remember the Constitution?  Read it.  Including the amendments.  Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press, the right to bear arms, the right to not be subject to unreasonable searches and seizures, etc. etc?  These are all being routinely violated.  You must take action to see that our Constitution and our country is defended against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Okay, I know that there is more, but let’s start with these.